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Fern is a new farm and anaerobic digestion (AD) technology brand. Launching in the UK this year, we are a partnership venture between two market-leading companies: BÖCK and Future Biogas.

With the launch of Fern, these two businesses are combining their expertise to offer top-performance products and specialist consultancy for the UK agricultural and AD sectors. We share both our parent brands’ ethical ethos and especially their dedication to customer care.

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We help AD plant owners and managers use the latest science to optimise biogas outputs. Our unique team of biologists are among the UK's leading AD efficiency experts, with decades of experience between them.

Specialising solely in AD technology, they can analyse samples from your digester and then offer detailed, tailored guidance on how to improve gas yields.

Fern AD is also the exclusive retailer of its own digester additive, made with a balanced recipe of trace elements. The result of years of laboratory work and extensive practical trials, 'T16' has been proven to support plant optimisation.

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We are the sole UK distributor of German brand BÖCK's world-renowned range of silage clamp products – engineered to minimise oxygen penetration and, so, boost fermentation and minimise spoilage.

We believe that, while some clamp losses are inevitable, too many businesses are not considering the issue in enough detail. Not clamping your silage properly is damaging to your bottom line. As things stand, losses between 13 and 16% are commonplace in the UK. Our products and expertise can help minimise these losses and maximise your returns.

Our dedicated farming team have all worked in the agricultural sector for many years. After testing countless different brands in our own clamps, they concluded that BÖCK products are the best way to minimise such losses.

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What our clients say

Farm visit testimonial

“Hi I’m Tom and I’m a dairy farmer near York. As a family run business, we are continually looking to improve standards across the board - from animal welfare and environmental impact to profitability and community engagement. Every aspect is essential to the longevity and resilience of a farming system in today’s world.

With my father sitting on the board of representatives for the Arla, and we are part of the Arla UK 360 programme, we are proud to work towards bringing sustainable change to dairy farming by delivering and developing best practice.

Fern Farming ticks all the boxes for us in driving forward these standards - not only for the future of our farm but for all UK dairy farmers.

We are convinced that utilising Fern Farming’s innovative silage system will be a game changer. Confident in the knowledge that it has been tried and tested on all Future Biogas sites, we are currently trialling the new Blue 9 and top sheet system from Bock, on one of our maize clamps. It is a much easier process compared to previous techniques and, crucially, it promises airtight qualities, as well as a reduction in the amount of plastic we use on the farm. Instead of the usual nightmare of black plastic and cling film, we simply rolled out one really thin sheet! And, in place of tyres, we sealed the clamp with gravel bags, just like they do one the Future Biogas clamps.

We are genuinely excited about opening the clamp early 2020, running the appropriate tests, and anticipate that the new techniques will result in an improvement to our milk yield.

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Farm visit testimonial

“I’m Elliott and I manage the AD Plant at Richard Longs site in Wymondham. The plant consists of 3 tanks digester, post digester and storage lagoon in which we have a combined capacity of around 8600m3. We are a 1.7MW site and supply sufficient gas for 2 bio boilers for grain stores/workshop heating along with a solar site as well. Our plant is fed Maize and Rye which is grown from our 5000-acre farm.

We have been using Future Biogas’ extensive services for a while now, so have naturally progressed to using Fern Farming. This season, the decision was made to try Fern AD’s plastic sheeting (Blue 9) and we are extremely pleased with the product. We were able to order specific sizes to suit our clamps ensuring minimum wastage and it was easy to sheet as it is only one layer. Plus, being precut to size, we have found it to form an excellent seal as there is very little rot on the clamp surface.

We also use Fern AD’s T16 additives which we now have provided in an IBC container where it is fitted to a dosing system - this provides a steady dosing flow of 5L over a 4-hour period. As part of the biology service we send 3 monthly samples, Digester, Post Digester and Feedstock. This service is second to none in helping us ensure tank health/consistency, correct additive dosing and temperature to maximise our feedstock.

I strongly recommend FernAD and I’m sure we will continue to do business in the future.”

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Our Values



We use the latest science to maximise silage quality and AD plant efficiency. We are constantly researching and testing new techniques and products.



We are open and honest about what we do. We find a solution and share our learnings – thereby helping our entire industry raise its standards.



We only sell the best, scientifically proven products that we have tried and tested ourselves.



We develop strong, two-way relationships with our customers and put their interests at the heart of everything we do. We are easy-to-reach at our UK head office.

Our Parent Brands

Future Biogas

Future Biogas is one of the largest producers of green gas in the UK. Each year, its team harvests 250,000 tonnes of maize to power 11 AD plants, producing 50 MW of biogas every single hour of the year. It is one of the only British biogas producers to have its own dedicated laboratory, with a team of experienced scientists constantly analysing digester samples and other data to optimise gas outputs.

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BÖCK manufactures pioneering, ultra-efficient silage clamps and accessories. Its patented range of German-engineered products have made it a watchword for quality and innovation in over 30 countries worldwide.

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Meet the team

Dr Denise Cysneiros
Dr Hayden Morgan
Helen Wyman
Innes McEwen
Dr Korina Antoniou
Philipp Lukas
BÖCK Blue 9

In January 2020, we launch the next generation of silage covering to the UK agricultural sector. Composed of an unprecedented nine layers of different high-tech materials. Its central layer is made of a specially coated polyethylene film – shown in independent tests to create a market leading oxygen-barrier. It has strength and efficacy, it is astonishingly lightweight and easy-to-handle. Plus, its blue upper layer offers an industry-leading 18-months of UV-stability, thereby preventing silage from reheating and spoiling. The product is in a league of its own.

BÖCK Blue 9
Sizes up to 54m width
Revolutionary 9-layer oxygen barrier technology
Guarantees best aerobic stability
Better yields at a higher quality level
Less labor time - easy to handle
Can be used in a temperature range from -50°C up to +70°C
Cling film
No additional cling-film required
Environmental-friendly due to reduced raw materials (80 microns only)
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